Red Words is a contemporary Christian rock band delivering Christ’s message with a solid dose of grit
and grace.

Red Words emerged in 2012 when band members Paul Ammendola (lead vocals, keys) and Mark Phillips (lead guitar, vocals) teamed up with close friends, Michael Perrone (guitar, vocals) and John Foote (drums, percussion) to provide music for a church ministry event.  The core group sharpened their skills together leading worship regularly at the church they all attended on Long Island.  Eventually, rounding out the band on bass (as well as, co-producing their two original full-length CDs) is Mark's life-long friend and music collaborator Joe Perez.

Drawing from a vast array of musical influences, the band beats a creative path that’s slightly off center of most Christian artists - an effective hybrid of edgy rock, soulful harmonies, strong pop melodies and gospel infused songs.  By design, this less-than-traditional sound seeks to draw in those less likely to pursue a spiritual path - a sonic signpost pointing to Christ.


The New York-based group performs regularly and has been featured at Central Park (NYC), Creation Fest (PA) as well as, Soulfest (PA). You can find out more about Red Words by following @RedWordsBand on social media.  

Their songs are also available for download on iTunes, Amazon Music and streaming platforms such as Spotify, Pandora, & Apple Music. 


Mary Phillips 

Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Victoria Perrone

Lead & Backing Vocals


Jaime Moore (March 2013 - March 2023)

Bass Guitar

Jim Miller (Sept. 2012 - Dec 2012)

Bass Guitar


Paul Ammendola

Lead & Backing Vocals, Piano/Keyboards

Mark Phillips

Lead Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals

Michael Perrone

Rhythm Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals

Joey Perez

Bass Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals

John Foote

Drums, Percussion