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We can’t do a thing without our God and King, You made the air I breathe and the shore that holds the sea 


by red words


Verse 1:

If I speak in the language of men and of angels - yet my heart has no love

And I preach with power all life's mysteries - and still my heart has no love


Pre-Chorus 1:

Then I'm just a clanging cymbal -  or an old rusty gate


Verse 2:

If I have faith to remove every mountain - Yet my heart has no love

And I feed all the hungry and lay down my life - But still I don't have love


Pre-Chorus 2:

Then I've nothing but a bankrupt heart - 'till I fill it up with love



The Greatest Gift is Love - It's better than faith

The Greatest Gift is Love - Better than hope

The Greatest Gift is Love - More than any other

The Greatest Gift is Love - And the gift of love's for you


Verse 3:

Some put power and fame first in life - And live their life without love

In the end their broken, tired and alone - Because their life had no love


Pre-Chorus 3:

It's never too late to turn around and live a life of grace


Repeat Chorus



We want to do what is right, but we can't - We want to do what is good, but we don't

We wanna do what is right and don't wanna do what is wrong, but somehow we do it anyway

I wanna put love first in my heart, who will free me from this body of death?

Only Love, Only Love - Only Love...


Repeat Chorus



©2018 All rights reserved.  words and music by:  Paul Ammendola & Mark Phillips






Inspired by: 1 Corinthians 13:1