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We can’t do a thing without our God and King, You made the air I breathe and the shore that holds the sea 


by red words


Verse 1:

You went alone – so no one would see you

In the heat of day – with earth cracked dry

At Jacob’s well, is where you would meet Him

But the Master’s eyes – would see you right



If you had known who stands before you………..

You would ask Him and He would - give you the drink of life

If you had known who stands before you………..

You would fall to your knees - And begging Him please - say…



LORD,  give us Living Water - For our thirsty souls are dry

We lay our cares upon your alter - The broken pieces of our lives

LORD,  give us Living Water  -  From Your  foun-tain of life

We are all your sons & daughters  - And we raise your name on high


Verse 2:

And when He spoke – He told you – everything

About the five men – who called you wife

He knew all the secrets of your broken heart – then He said,

“I’m the way, the truth, the life”


Repeat Pre-Chorus:

Repeat Chorus:



Lord we come to you…(we come to you) – hopelessly broken

Bring us into your - everlasting light

Holy One, Redeemer – King of Kings

By your word - All is made right  (then He said…)      


Alternate Chorus:

I AM… (I AM, I AM……)  I AM - The Living Water!  


©2018 All rights reserved.  words and music by:  Michael Perrone






Inspired by: John 4:29