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We can’t do a thing without our God and King, You made the air I breathe and the shore that holds the sea 


by red words


Verse 1:

Brought up in lies, told not to cry

by a father who drank, and beat him every night

He never knew love, or a God up above

Chained and addicted most of his life


Pre-Chorus 1:

Desperate and hopeless, reaching out

From his knees he saw heaven breaking through his prison wall - Saying



I Am Here, to wipe every tear

There'll be no more death, no more mourning, no more pain

Now the old has gone, it's time to carry on

I am here to hold you, my beloved, my new child - (I Am Here)


Verse 2:

She was sexually abused, emotionally bruised

By an uncle she trusted, who left her heart confused

She never knew love, or a God up above

Shamed and conflicted, broken and used


Pre-Chorus 2:

Desperate and hopeless, crying out

When a face like heaven came shining through her bedroom wall - Saying


Repeat Chorus



I am here - New life has come

I am here - Calling you home

I am here - To love and to hold you

Lifting you up from the ashes to walk with me - Oh, I Am here


Repeat Chorus


I am here - No more sorrow, no more pain





©2018 All rights reserved.  words and music by: Paul Ammendola  & Mark Phillips






Inspired by Revelation 21:4