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We can’t do a thing without our God and King, You made the air I breathe and the shore that holds the sea 


by red words


Verse 1:

Today I know the shame inside, some days it's telling me to die

A blackened heart so filled with fear, I need someone to help me hear truth



I'm broken and I'm bruised, shattered and confused

Because I walked alone, along a dark and lonely road

Soon, I hope for better days

Believing that the rain can wash away my stain

Renew this battered heart again

For Love - Oh to live again


Verse 2:

I may not make it through this day, but I still have much to say

Gonna put my trust in faith, love and hope and simple faith


Repeat Chorus:



Love - Oh to live again

Love - Oh to live again

Through suffering and sacrifice

I know that one day soon I'll rise


Repeat Chorus:  2x



For Love - Oh to live again - For Love

For Love - I hope to live again


©2018 All rights reserved.  words and music by:  Paul Ammendola and Mark Phillips